Significant Weather Changes this weekend

We’ve had an incredible fall weatherwise but that is changing this weekend. Please take a few minutes to review the fall maintenance email I sent out on 9/20/22 to ensure your home is ready for these significant temperature changes.
Attached are step-by-step instructions to quick-drain your sprinkler systems (or video can be seen here: They will still need to be winterized by Jetski Sprinklers (719-661-6526) or one of the other sprinkler vendors such as GrassRoots (719-391-2745) or Colorado Springs Irrigation (719-344-8140). Any damage caused by not properly draining/winterizing irrigation systems could be your responsibility to address next spring.
Garden Hoses should be disconnected (unless in use) until May 2023.
Now that heating season has arrived, please replace your furnace filter now and on a monthly basis until next spring/summer. We have had to replace 3 blower motors already this season because furnace filters were not adequately replaced, resulting in premature issues with the blowers.  Please make sure your HVAC systems are serviced and inspected by a licensed HVAC tech ASAP. It is something you agreed to do in your rental contract. Attached is the most recent Candela vendor phone chart with 6 different HVAC vendors that we utilize.
Finally, here is your courtesy reminder that your November 2022 rent payment is due one week from Monday (10/31/22). This is when the ACH withdrawal will take place and please be prepared to include the deductible if you had any maintenance items addressed recently.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, have a nice weekend and thanks for your assistance in preparing your home for winter weather.
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