(Candela Properties) is the Best we’ve ever dealt with. Always extremely timely, flexible and understanding. We were sorry to have to move on and will highly recommend to anyone!

- EmaLee (previous tenant)

It was a pleasure working with Kurt and Candela Properties for our 4 years in Colorado.

Kristina H.

I wish all property management companies did it this way. It makes it better for everyone. Any concerns we had were resolved in a timely manner.

Sarah P.

Anytime I had any issue, Kurt was super helpful in diffusing or helping fix the issue.

This was one of my favorite places to live and the best landlord I’ve had. Kurt really goes the extra mile to make everything run smoothly and cares, which was a huge bonus.

Elizabeth E.

Whenever I needed service or anything replaced, Kurt always had good communication and responded quickly.

Thank you for everything during my tenancy! Kurt was great and I appreciate the bonus as well. Thanks again!

Angela S.

I was very impressed with the lease signing meeting we had – very thorough explanation. Kurt’s always taken care of things immediately.

Jay C.

Having been a renter for almost 20 years, I’ve worked with many different property managers and companies. Candela Properties is unique … they treat renters like humans. It’s a different approach and one I appreciated.


I recommend any renters looking for a home to work with Candela Properties. It’s worth it to select their properties over others. They make the house feel like your home … and that’s priceless.

Michelle P.

Continue your awesome customer support, Kurt. Hands down the best property manager we’ve ever had.

Recent Tenant Testimonial

Kurt was always fair and professional with us, but also very friendly and helpful. Sending us reminders for maintenance, etc. Thanks for all of your hard work and willingness to help us buy a house.

Ty D.

Thank you for everything!. Our family felt highly respected and trusted as your tenants. Kurt was always respectful to our needs and addressed what needed to get done as well.

Candela Properties has been easy to work with the past 5 years. We couldn’t been happier with the service they provided. Thanks!