We can’t thank you enough for providing such an amazing home for us to live in. We love our neighborhood and have enjoyed making this our home. We’ve rented a few homes before and, by far, this has been our best experience. We look forward to another year with you and Candela Properties!

Amanda and Lee

Until renting this way, we had not heard of it before. It was a perfect fit for us as we had been homeowners before. Having also rented before, we much prefer this method. I wish more property management companies would do what Candela does.

Thank you SO MUCH!

Tracie and John

The chocolates and Christmas card (donation) were a nice gesture.

Melissa H.

I will be recommending Candela and would like to do business together in the future. I enjoyed my experience and loved the home.

Lindsay P.

Great company to rent from. Would recommend Candela to my friends or anyone. I really appreciate Kurt and he was a huge help in renting. Whenever anything like a toilet, water heater or anything quit working, or wore out, they fixed it ASAP.

Rick D.

We never had a problem or emergency, but all communications were handled quickly and efficiently. Candela was easy to work with, was very responsive and we got to take pride in our home and feel like homeowners like renting. Thank you Kurt!!!

Todd and Alicia

Great Communication. I appreciated Kurt’s emails and that he responded quickly. Kurt always answered quickly and I never had an issue that didn’t get fixed ASAP.

Candela’s way of doing business created equal levels of respect. Thank you so much.

Shelby H.

Candela Properties has managed my property for 5 years now and they have been amazing. From finding awesome tenets to the thoughtful gift baskets they send to our tenets during the holidays they have it all covered. We live in a different state and never have to worry about the property. I can honestly say I have never regretted putting them in charge of our home and look forward to many more years of business. – Starr

Candela Properties has been managing my rental property for nearly 5-years now and has done a remarkable job.

They have successfully screened the renters, taken care of maintenance requirements (scheduled maintenance & repairs), kept me informed of any unusual circumstances that require me input (as the property owner), and provide comprehensive monthly updates for tax purposes.

Additionally, their contracts are written in such a way that is a win-win for both the renter and property owner. It incentivizes the renter to take some “ownership” in the property, while guaranteeing to the renter that major home repairs or problems will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

In short, I tried to manage my own property for 3 years and found it to be nothing but headaches. Since working w/ Candela, I literally do not worry about it anymore. They do a fabulous job and operate a good, honest business. – Chuck

Best leasing company we have ever worked with. Caring, attentive and respectful. We wish Candela Properties could have moved out of state with us. No one has ever made finding and leasing a home a joyful experience like Kurt did and we will always value his professionalism and friendship. – Jeff