Fall Maintenance Reminders

SPRINKLERS: If your home has an inground sprinkler system, it’s time to schedule winterizing it for the season. Otherwise, it could lead to leaking backflows or broken pipes. We recommend (in order) the following vendors to deactivate irrigation systems:
1. Jetski Sprinklers (719-661-6526 or jetskisprinklers.com)
2. GrassRoots Irrigation (719-391-2745)
3. TurfSurfers (719-460-1728 or turfsurfers.net)
4. CS Irrigation (719-344-8140)
5. Dream Landscaping (719-217-0478)
HVAC/FURNACES: Please have a licensed HVAC contractor inspect and service your furnace this season. They will check for gas leaks, tune-up the unit so it operates more efficiently and change the furnace filter. Replacing the filter needs to happen on a monthly basis and our HVAC vendors recommend only using a mid-grade filter as to not choke-out the system. Here is who we recommend:
1. Father and Sons Heating and Cooling (719-370-9704)
2. Reliable Heating and Cooling (719-377-7303)
3. The Furnace Guy (719-330-6852)
4. Mitchell Heating (719-596-6677)
5. High Altitude Heating (719-357-6465)
FIREPLACES: If your home has a wood-burning or gas fireplace, please have it serviced before using. Here are our recommendations, again in order of preference, for this service:
1. Chimney Cricket (719-687-3512) – wood
2. Dr Soot (719-598-4466) – wood
3. Hearth Masters (719-331-7655) – gas
4. Quality Fireplace Service (719-495-8323) – gas
HOSES/LAWNS: Please start disconnecting your garden hoses from the exterior spigots to prevent broken pipes. We need to continue to water our lawns throughout the year (unless we receive ample rain/snowfall) so please reference the attached watering guidelines. Also, we highly suggest aerating and fertilizing the grass to help it thrive. Local garden centers have recommendations on fertilizers and Home Improvement Stores sell Scotts’ Turf Builder Plus 2 or Revive brands.
1. Turf Surfers (719-460-1728 or turfsurfers.net)
2. Dream Landscaping (719-217-0478)
3. Integrated Lawn (719-528-5296)
4. J Rick Lawn (719-445-9985 or jricklawn.com)
GUTTERS: It’s important that the gutter system around your home is free and clear of leaves and debris so water can flow away from the siding/foundation. Especially after the leaves have dropped in a few weeks. If you need assistance with this process, please use one of the contractors below:
1. LT Construction (719-671-6881)
2. Ask Jim Handyman (719-964-1773)
3. Springs Handyman (719-725-7970 or thespringshandyman.com)
4.Turf Surfers (719-460-1728 or turfsurfers.net)
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