1.  Applicants have the right to provide Candela Properties LLC with a PTSR that is not more than thirty (30) days old, as defined in Colorado Revised Statutes §38-12-902 (2.5); and
  2.  If Applicant provides Candela Properties LLC with a PTSR, Candela Properties is prohibited from:
    1. a. Charging Applicants a rental application fee; or
      b. Charging Applicants a fee for Candela Properties LLC to access or use the Portable Tenant Screening ReportIf Applicant Provides Candela Properties LLC with a Portable Tenant Screening Report (PTSR):

      1. The Portable Tenant Screening Report must be available to Candela Properties by a consumer reporting agency/Third Party website that regularly engages in the business of providing consumer reports.
      2. The Portable Tenant Screening Report must comply with all state and federal laws pertaining to use and disclosure of information contained in a consumer report by a consumer reporting agency.
      3. Applicant certifies that there has not been a material change in the information in the Portable Tenant Screening Report, including the Applicant’s name, address, bankruptcy status, criminal history, or eviction history, dating back to when the PTSR was generated.
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