Did you know most alleged flushable wipes aren’t flushable at all? They don’t degrade once they hit water, and they easily accumulate in your indoor wastewater pipes, your service line, in our wastewater mains in the street, and/or at our wastewater treatment plants. All of those factors can have huge impacts on your pocket book and negatively impact the environment through wastewater overflows and treatment plant failures.

Don’t believe the hype, wipes clog pipes!

Are flushable wipes really flushable?
No. Rather than breaking down quickly, flushable wipes can cause clogs that lead to blockages and cause serious damage.

Is flushing flushable wipes actually bad?
Yes. The fabric in wipes holds together much longer than toilet paper. Paper bits, grease, and other flushed debris quickly begin to build up together, potentially causing a backup in your home.

Can I replace toilet paper with flushable wipes?
No. While wipes may be easy to use, they don’t belong in the toilet. Even “flushable wipes” can lead to blockages & cause serious damage. They don’t decompose like toilet paper and can lead to major back-ups in your pipes.

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