The National Weather Service is predicting that extremely cold air will arrive Wednesday evening along with our first possible snowfall on Thursday. Thursday’s low is forecast to be in the mid teens so please take a few moments to prepare your home in the next 24 HOURS so we don’t have to deal with any preventable maintenance issues.
1. Disconnect any hoses from exterior faucets
2. Replace your furnace filter – if you haven’t had your furnace serviced/inspected this season please check now that it’s operating. If it’s not working, please let me know ASAP or contact: Parkey’s HVAC (719-594-0991), High Altitude Heating & Air (719-357-6465), Springs Heating & Cooling (719-235-3779) or Falcon Heating (719-574-7543) and let them know you have a No Heat situation (just be sure to tell them you are with Candela Properties).
3. Sprinkler systems – if you haven’t winterized your irrigation system yet, please shutoff the water supply inside and drain the back flow (see attachment) until a landscaping/sprinkler vendor can blow out the lines. I sent out an email last week with our recommendations on vendors who can winterize your system.
4. Open cabinet doors underneath any sink located on an exterior wall so warm air can flow through and keep the pipes from freezing.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, please don’t delay on these items and stay warm this week.

Kurt Eilmes

Candela Properties LLC
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