HVAC SYSTEMS: As per the terms of your rental contract, you’ve agreed to have the furnace serviced on an annual basis. This is for your safety as well as both increasing the efficiency of the unit to save you money on your utility bill. If you provide us with a paid invoice that this service was completed by a licensed HVAC technician, we’ll reimburse you $25. Please also remember to change your furnace filter on a monthly basis during heating season for both the efficiency of the furnace and cleaner air in your home. We recommend the following companies for this service (be sure to tell them you are with Candela Properties):
1. Parkey’s HVAC (719-594-0991)
2. Falcon Heating and Air (719-574-7543)
3. The Furnace Guy (719-330-6852)
IRRIGATION SYSTEMS: If your home has an in-ground sprinkler system, it’s time to have it winterized so there aren’t any leaks or busted back flow devices. The following vendors can deactivate the system for the winter:
1. Grass Roots Irrigation (719-391-2745)
2. Colorado Springs Irrigation (719-344-8140)
3. Dream Landscaping (719-217-0478)
LAWNS: Even though it’s time to deactivate your sprinkler systems, your lawn will continue to need adequate water throughout the winter due to our arid climate. Please refer to the attached watering guidelines. But please make sure your hoses are disconnected after use until next May otherwise pipes could break when temperatures drop. We also find that spring/fall aeration and fertilization helps significantly with the health of your lawn. The right tools and products to accomplish these things can be found at your neighborhood hardware store or garden center. Otherwise, we recommend the following vendors for aeration/fertilization:
1. Integrated Lawn Care (719-259-1551)
2. J Rick Lawn and Tree (719-445-9985)
3. All Do Landscaping (719-291-2888)
GUTTERS: The leaves have stayed on the trees longer than usual due to the mild weather, but once they do fall, please make sure your gutters are clear from debris. If rainwater/snow melt can’t properly flow away from your home, it could lead to foundation issues. If you need assistance, please contact:
1. Matt at All Square Ltd. (719-499-2791)
2. Legacy Gutters (719-464-8945)
3. AAA Angle Pros (719-391-9365)
CARBON/SMOKE ALARMS: Please double check that your carbon and smoke alarms have working batteries in them. If your alarms aren’t functioning even after replacing batteries, odds are they’ve reached the end of their lifespan and need replacement. If this is the case, please let me know ASAP and I will get you replacements immediately.
FIREPLACES: If your home has a wood-burning stove or fireplace that you plan on using this season, please have it inspected/swept by a certified chimney sweep before use. Likewise, if your home has a gas fireplace, please have it serviced and inspected as well. We recommend the following:
1. Chimney Cricket (wood) – 719-687-3512
2. Dr. Soot (wood) – 719-598-4466
3. Hearthmasters (gas) – 719-331-7655
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