Spring Maintenance Reminders

Because of how dry and mild it’s been the past few weeks, I am getting a few inquiries about when to activate sprinkler systems. It still might be a few weeks too early to do so because we traditionally get our last freeze around May 1st.
With that said, it’s not a bad idea to start preparing your home for the summer months ahead:
WATERING – lawns could use additional water this time of year because it and trees/shrubs are all coming out of dormancy and looking for extra hydration. Attached is a watering guideline showing how much water you should be giving your grass.
SPRINKLERS – it’s probably a good idea to get your sprinkler activation scheduled now before vendors book up. Here is who we recommend to utilize (just be sure to tell them you are with Candela Properties):
1. Colorado Springs Irrigation (719-344-8140)
2. Dream Landscaping (719-217-0478)
3. GrassRoots Irrigation (719-391-2745)
4. TJP Enterprises (719-632-8347)
LAWN CARE – We find that aerating (both spring and fall) and fertilizing (2-3 times each season) helps tremendously in the health of lawns. If you want to handle it yourself, Scotts Turf Builder Plus 2 or Revive both work well in the local climate. Otherwise, the following vendors can help with this process:
1. Dream Landscaping (719-217-0478)
2. Integrated Lawn Care (719-259-1551)
3. J Rick Lawn Care (719-445-9985)
4. Mike’s Lawn Care (719-520-0012)
GUTTERS – It’s imperative that, especially before Monsoon season hits, your gutter system is clear of debris and operating correctly. If you need assistance with this, please contact one of the following vendors:
1. Tenney Gutters (719-477-3043)
2. All Square Ltd (719-499-2791)
3. AAA Angle Pros (719-391-9365)
4. Ask Jim Handyman (719-964-1773)
As always, please let me know if you have any questions regarding these or other matters. Otherwise, please stay safe and healthy.
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