Fall Maintenance Reminders

  1. HEATING SYSTEMS: As per the terms of your rental contract, you have agreed to have your furnaces serviced/inspected by a licensed HVAC company each heating season. If you use one of the following HVAC companies, and you provide us with a paid invoice, we will reimburse you $25 of the cost:
    1. Parkey’s HVAC at 719-594-0991
    2. Falcon Heating at 719-492-4866
    3. B&L Plumbing at 719-638-7341
  2. SPRINKLER SYSTEMS: Most landscaping vendors recommend winterizing your sprinkler systems between October 1 -15 as after that is generally when we get our first hard freezes here. Failure to winterize sprinkler systems can lead to broken pipes and leaks for which you can be held liable or pay for on your utility bill. We recommend using one of the following vendors to winterize your system:
    1. TJP Enterprises at 719-632-8347
    2. F&B Landscaping at 719-494-2102
    3. DJE Handyman at 719-499-5575
  3. GARDEN HOSES AND LAWNS: From October 1 to May 1, PLEASE DISCONNECT your garden hoses from the exterior spigot after use. If the water can’t drain out of the faucet, it can lead to broken pipes and flooded basements/crawl spaces. Even though we are winterizing sprinkler systems and disconnecting garden hoses, since we are high desert in the Pikes Peak region, it is imperative to water our lawns/shrubs year round so we don’t lose them to winter kill. I have attached a year-round watering guide for your lawn to this message for reference.
  4. GUTTERS: Because of the wacky weather we enjoy, it’s very important that our gutter systems remain free of leaves and debris, especially after the leaves have dropped this fall. Please ensure that the gutter systems can get any rain/snow melt away from your homes. If you need assistance cleaning out your gutters, please call one of the general contractors I have listed in the updated Candela Properties Vendor Phone Chart that I have attached to this message.
  5. FIREPLACES: If your home has a wood-burning fireplace or wood stove, which you plan on using this heating season, please have it swept and inspected for your safety. If your home has a gas fireplace, I recommend having one of the HVAC companies listed above inspect it while having your furnace serviced. We recommend the following vendors for sweeping/inspecting wood-burning fire places:
    1. Soot at  719-598-4466
    2. Chimney Cricket at 719-687-3512
    3. The Fireplace Doctor at 719-548-9919

SNOW REMOVAL: Just a friendly reminder, that it is a city requirement that snow is shoveled/removed from any public sidewalks within 24 hours of the snow fall.

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