It is time to start getting our homes prepared for the upcoming winter months. Here are a few reminders to help you do so. We find it’s much better to be proactive with these maintenance items rather than reactive.
SPRINKLER WINTERIZING: to prevent pipes or the backflow device from freezing and bursting, we have to winterize sprinkler systems (turn off the supply line off and blow out the lines). We recommend the following companies to assist with this process:
1. Colorado Springs Irrigation (719-344-8140)
2. Grass Roots Irrigation (719-391-2745)
3. Dream Landscaping (719-217-0478)
4. TJP Enterprises (719-632-8347)
GARDEN HOSES: While we have to water our lawns, even after winterizing the sprinkler systems, please disconnect the hose from the exterior faucet after use to prevent broken pipes and flooding.
FURNACE TUNE-UPS: As part of your rental contract, you have agreed to have your furnace serviced each heating season by a licensed HVAC company. This ensures safe and efficient operation of your heating system. As a reminder, if you provide a paid receipt, Candela will rebate $25 of the tune-up cost. Here is who we recommend (in order):
1. Mitchell Heating (719-596-6677) – be sure to tell them you are with Candela
2. Springs Heating and Cooling (719-235-3779)
3. Parkey’s HVAC (719-594-0991)
4. The Furnace Guy (719-330-6852)
GUTTERS: It’s really important to make sure the gutters around your home are free of debris and that rainwater and snow melt properly flows away from your home. If you need assistance to clear out your gutters and ensure they function properly, please call one of the following vendors:
1. Tenney Seamless (719-477-3043)
2. All Square ltd (719-499-2791
3. AAA Angle Pros (719-391-9365)
4. Legacy Gutters (719-464-8945)
WOOD FIREPLACES: If your home has a wood-burning stove or fireplace, before using, please have it inspected and cleaned by a licensed chimney sweep. Here is who we recommend:
1. Chimney Cricket (719-687-3512)
2. Dr. Soot (719-598-4466)
3. Ray’s Chimney Service (719-475-1998)
GAS FIREPLACES: Much like a furnace, gas fireplaces also need inspecting and tuning-up to ensure safe and efficient operation. We recommend Hearth Masters at 719-331-7655.
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