It’s hard to believe, but it’s already May, which means it’s time to get our homes ready for the summer months. As I am sure you are aware, we’ve had an extremely dry and mild winter, so lawns are going to need some extra TLC to ensure we don’t lose them.
Here are the items that need to be addressed
SPRINKLER SYSTEMS: If your home has an irrigation system, it’s now okay to activate them for the season. They are much more efficient – not to mention easier – than a garden hose and sprinkler. If you need help with your system, here is who we recommend:

1. Dream Landscaping (719-217-0478)
2. Colorado Springs Irrigation (719-344-8140)
3. TJP Landscaping (719-632-8347)
LAWNS: Being in a high desert environment, lawns in the Pikes Peak region need regular watering throughout the year, especially when it’s been this dry. I have attached a watering guideline for your reference. In addition to watering, we find that a spring/fall aeration and fertilization helps tremendously. If you want to fertilize your own lawn, we recommend Revive and Scott’s Turf Builder Plus 2 (both of which are available at any home improvement store). If you want professional assistance, we recommend:
1. Dream Landsaping (719-217-0478)
2. Integrated Lawn (719-528-5296)
3. TJP Landscaping (719-632-8347)
TREES: If the trees on your property are either dead or brushing up against your home, please let me know so I can get them taken care of.
GUTTERS: Assuming we do get our usual monsoon rains this summer, it’s imperative that the gutters around your home are clear of leaves, branches and debris. If you need assistance, we recommend:
1. Legacy Gutters (719-464-8945)
2. Ask Jim Handyman (719-964-1773)
3. JMP Services (719-231-9382)
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