Even though we were getting snow flurries in some areas of the Pikes Peak region yesterday, it is time to start prepping our home for the warmer weather ahead (in fact, the forecast for next week looks delightful). Here are some reminders and recommendations to assist in the process.
SPRINKLERS – if your home has an irrigation system that you plan on using, we recommend the following vendors to activate the system and address any issues.
1. Colorado Springs Irrigation: 719-344-8140 or coloradospringsirrigation@comcast.net
2. Grass Roots Irrigation: 719-391-2745 or grassroots02@yahoo.com
3. Dream Landscaping: 719-217-0478 or dreamlandscapingco@gmail.com
4. TJP Enterprises: 719-632-8347
Regardless of the status of any irrigation system, please make sure your lawns are receiving adequate irrigation by following the attached watering guidelines, especially as things warm-up and dry-out locally. On a related note, if you see any trees or bushes growing up against your house, please let me know so we can get them addressed before they cause damage.
LAWNS – We highly recommend aerating and fertilizing your lawn. Hardware stores and local garden centers have various products they can recommend. We find that either Revive brand or Scott’s Turf Builder Plus 2 do really well in this climate. If you want professional assistance, we recommend the following vendors.
1. Integrated Lawn at 719-528-5296
2. J Rick Lawn at 719-445-9985
3. Dream Landscaping at 719-217-0478
4. Mike’s Landscaping at 719-520-0012
GUTTERS – It is imperative that the gutter systems around your home are free of leaves and debris, so any rainfall can properly flow through it and away from the foundation of the house. If you need assistance cleaning out those gutters, we recommend the following vendors:
1. LT Construction at 719-671-6881
2. Ask Jim Handyman at 719-964-1773
3. Tenney Seamless at 719-477-3043
4. AAA Angle Pros at 719-391-9365
AIR CONDITIONERS – If your home has central air conditioning, like with furnaces, it’s important to have them serviced annually for efficiency, safety and increase the lifespan of the unit. We recommend the following HVAC vendors for that service.
1. Father & Sons Heating + Cooling at 719-370-9704
2. Reliable Heating and Cooling at 719-377-7303
3. Mitchell Heating at 719-596-6677
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