With that said, it is time to start preparing your home for the fall/winter weather that’s on the horizon:
HVAC: As per the terms of your rental contract, you’ve agreed to have the HVAC system in your home serviced on an annual basis. This service will not only ensure the safety of your system but also improve the efficiency. And if you use one of the following vendors (be sure to tell them you are with Candela) and provide us with a paid receipt, we will reimburse you $25 of that cost:
1. Mitchell Heating (719-596-6677)
2. Parkey’s HVAC (719-594-0991)
3. The Furnace Guy (719-330-6852)
4. High Altitude Heating (719-357-6465)
SPRINKLERS: We typically experience our first freeze of the season between 10/1-10/15, so it’s important to winterize in-ground sprinkler systems. Failure to do so can result in broken pipes, leaks and increased water bills or damage to your home. We recommend the following vendors to deactivate the system for the winter:
1. Colorado Springs Irrigation (719-344-8140)
2. Grass Roots Irrigation (719-391-2745)
3. Turf Surfers (www.turfsurfers.net)
4. TJP Landscaping (719-632-8347)
HOSES: Starting October 1, please disconnect all garden hoses from any exterior faucet to prevent broken pipes inside of your home. However, if the weather continues to be as dry and mild as it’s been in September, it’s imperative to ensure lawns are receiving enough water. Integrated Lawn Care suggests watering 2-3 times per week.
LAWNS: We find aerating and fertilizing regularly improves the overall health of your lawn, especially in the spring and fall. The following vendors can assist with those treatments:
1. Integrated Lawn Care (719-528-5296)
2. J Rick (719-445-9985)
3. Turf Surfers (www.turfsurfers)
4. TJP Landscaping (719-632-8347)
GUTTERS: After the leaves have dropped, it’s important to ensure the gutter system is free of debris, so rain and snow melt can freely flow through them and (most importantly) away from your home and foundation. If you need assistance for this, please contact one of the following vendors:
1. LT Construction (719-671-6881)
2. Ask Jim Handyman (719-964-1773)
3. Tenney’s Gutters (719-477-3043)
4. AAA Angle Pros (719-391-9365)
FIREPLACES: If you are planning on using your wood-burning stove or fireplace this heating season, please have it inspected and cleaned by a licensed chimney sweep. Likewise, if you have a gas fireplace. We recommend the following vendors:
1. Chimney Cricket – wood – (719-687-3512)
2. Dr. Soot -wood – (719-598-4466)
3. Hearth Masters – gas – (719-331-7655)
ALARMS: Finally, please double check that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have fresh batteries in them and are properly installed. Let me know ASAP if you need assistance with this.
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